Before discussing astromagnetism, let us first examine the peculiarities of biomagnetism. Biomagnetism is the magnetic field produced by organic life, particularly those with complex nervous systems, such as human beings and animals. The magnetic fields generated by organic lifeforms are the temporal correlations to the general auric field described in the previous section of this work.

The so-called “animal magnetism” coined by the 18th-century German doctor Franz Mesmer also corresponds to biomagnetism, and his description of it is quite similar to the considerations of astromagnetism presented in this section. As previously stated, every phenomenon that has a material manifestation likewise has a psychic counterpart—this is also true of the biomagnetic fields produced by organic life. The psychic counterpart of biomagnetism is termed astromagnetism in the psychic training programs of Astropsionics. Astromagnetism is a purely psychic feature of the microcosm of the organism, and is used principally in employing various psychic abilities such as astral projection, telepathy, e.t.c.—and in higher life forms, such abilities as telekinesis and the like. Psychic technologies made from crystals help to facilitate the effects of astromagnetism in the psychic as well as the physical planes.

At the time of the physical body’s death, biomagnetism ceases to be, whereas astromagnetism may still exist as a phenomenon of the persisting PSI body. Biomagnetism is observable using mundane scientific tools such as magnetoencephalography that measures the magnetic fields produced by the brain. However, astromagnetism cannot be measured or observed using the tools of modern science on this planet, at this time. But, it can be experienced and utilized on the psychic planes rather easily, and its effects may be observed using psychic technologies such as crystal-based technologies. When it comes to purely psychic control and operations, astromagnetism is very useful for achieving conscious astral projection.

This occurs due to the astromagnetic field’s inherent ability to “jump start” things of a psychic nature—just as electricity is used to jump start, say, one’s car. Astromagnetism can be readily controlled using the lower psychic function of the imagination, by simply visualizing a mauve-hued psychic current passing through, and surrounding the PSI body. This way, one can make use of astromagnetism to achieve various psychic feats. Since the basis of this book is how to achieve astral projection for the purpose of enlightened communication and First Contact with benevolent extraterrestrial beings, such will be the focus of employing astromagnetism. The Z-Mantra Meditation devised by Astropsionics allows one to use astromagnetism to  “jump start” the PSI body so one’s entire psychocosm may be transferred into it. The conscious awareness in humans is connected to the physical body on account of the nervous system, brain, and their associated biomagnetic peculiarities. To transfer one’s consciousness into the PSI body for conscious astral projection, it should be “jump started” with sufficient astromagnetism. Doing so has the effect of allowing the entire psychocosm to disassociate from the physical body, and move into the psychic one. The Z-Mantra is taught in the psionics training section.  

Light and love.

– Astropsionics

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