The mission of Astropsionics is to develop and disseminate safe and effective psychic training programs for every human being. The end result is the possibility of psychically contacting benevolent extraterrestrial beings who can share their immense wisdom, knowledge, and aid. Furthermore, it is time for every individual human being to have the means necessary to make enlightened First Contact with their benevolent neighbors and kin spread across the cosmos. Benevolent extraterrestrials cannot make themselves known and offer planetary aid—in physical form—to the masses without significant consensus to do so from the human populations spread across Earth. However, most human beings are not yet prepared for such contact—let alone requesting it. The next best possible solution is to make First Contact within the astral/psychic planes—which is a much easier affair. The benevolent extraterrestrial races spread across the cosmos have been monitoring humanity’s progress for thousands of years and are hoping for the prevalence of peace, enlightenment, and love upon Earth. If enough human beings would request it, these compassionate beings would make themselves known and aid in resolving the harrowing issues currently plaguing this planet; war, strife, environmental problems, famine, homelessness, physical and mental illness, e.t.c.

Humanity could reclaim its long-forgotten/repressed psychic abilities and harness the power of psionic technologies that allow for accessing higher dimensions of reality and existence. The human race would have the wherewithal to join the intergalactic community, explore the vastness of interstellar space and become a truly peaceful interplanetary species. This workbook allows any human being to make psychic First Contact with benign extraterrestrials. With that being said, no one is forced to accept anything by Astropsionics as absolute truth. Every proposition—of any nature whatsoever—should be subject to individual scrutiny and careful evaluation and not be taken at face value. This is the scientific method of factual verification through experimentation. Astropsionics offers practical methods for conducting such evaluations and experimentations, safely and methodologically. Proceeds from donations, our workbooks, and items bought from our store will go toward furthering the projects of Astropsionics, namely; developing and disseminating safe and effective psychic training programs to humans on Earth—as well as developing various psionic technologies for human use. It is hoped that at least a single person may positively benefit from our work. 

Light and love.

– Astropsionics

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