PSI Body

Everything that exists has a psychic counterpart or form corresponding to its temporal manifestation. 

The astral body, or PSI body as it is termed in this work, is the psychic counterpart of the physical body of lifeforms—including humans. As such, it exists purely in the astral/PSI plane(s) and can be used to traverse any astral/psychic world that corresponds to its rate of vibration—for even psychic phenomena have rates of vibration, just as matter and energy do. The higher the vibration of the PSI body, the easier it is to contact benevolent beings within the PSI planes and visit harmonious worlds and dimensions. 

The PSI body usually, by default, takes the form of the physical body. However, it can transform into the form of anything, or even “nothing”, via the use of the lower psychic function of imagination. The main effects the PSI body can have on the physical world are principally in the area of affecting the psychic counterparts and manifestations of matter and energy existing in the physical world. 

It is PSI affecting itself in principle. 

The PSI body can be wholly perceived by other lifeforms via higher psychic functions such as clairvoyance—but is typically perceived nevertheless as “feelings” or sensations when in the vicinity of another lifeform. For example, a vibrant PSI body may cause others to perceive its owner as a “nice” or likable person, even if people cannot explain why—similarly, a PSI body marred by negative psychic influences may make its owner seem like an unlikeable person—even if others cannot explain why they have such disdain for the individual. As stated in a previous section of this work, all creation first takes place in the mind, then within the PSI planes, followed by the physical realm. One should thus always think positive, for all thoughts manifest wholly in the first two planes—and upon the physical plane subject to the scientific laws of the universe. As thoughts manifest wholly in the PSI planes, such ideations can affect the psychic spheres of lifeforms to varying degrees. There is much that can be said of baleful psychic ideations, but for now, it is enough to say that such ideations can find residence in the astral spheres of others and cause many problems in their lives. It is therefore imperative to have the means to banish all harmful psychic phenomena that would seek to enter into one’s psychic sphere. Likewise, just as the physical body needs nourishment from food and careful nurturing to maintain its form, so too does the PSI body, albeit in other ways. Attuning with the cosmic presence of PSI is a complete way of cleansing the PSI body of negative psychic influences, and energizing it such that it can affect reality and be used as a vehicle of consciousness at will. Such techniques are given in subsequent chapters. 

Now, there also exists an entire psychic field or sphere that surrounds living things—set apart from their PSI bodies. This sphere is what has been termed the aura in esoteric philosophy and contains general psychic information concerning the psychic, mental, and physical activities and conditions of the lifeform. In humans, this field is usually perceived as being egg-shaped and extends several feet outward from the body of the human. The general purification and fortification of this field is also important, and is also covered in this work. The PSI body of the beloved reader will be used as a vehicle of consciousness for exploring the PSI planes, and consequently, making contact with benevolent extraterrestrial intelligences. 

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