PSI Planes

The so-called astral planes are extra-temporal dimensions of purely psychic composition beyond our third-dimensional plane of reality. In this work, these planes will be referred to as the PSI planes. The PSI planes are the realms for all that is psychic—within the PSI planes can be found all that is imagined by lifeforms, the psychic counterparts of all phenomena of matter and energy, various purely psychic worlds, various psychic intelligences—all that is purely psychic. With respect to the ideations and psychic peculiarities of the human psychocosm, one can find in the PSI planes a plethora of archetypes, gods, goddesses, imaginary best friends, and the list goes on.

The usual experiences of time and space of our temporal dimension do not apply to the PSI planes. It is possible to live out an entire life in a world in the PSI planes—which can equate to only even a brief second (or even less) of time in this dimension. This is useful for learning things quickly—as all knowledge thought and taught, can be accessed in the PSI planes. All things that exist are categorized more by what they do than what they are—and all “doing” creates a psychic impression of the action in question upon the PSI planes. The PSI planes contain psychic information pertaining to everything that has ever been said, thought, or done, but also an infinite number of alternate thoughts, words, and actions. It is for this reason that one should never take anything in the PSI planes at face value, but use reasoning and logic where possible to avoid deceptions. To use a mundane example, seeking to discover what stocks to invest in via the PSI planes—and consequently investing all one’s life savings based on what information was received or perceived, could have disastrous consequences. 

The same applies to meeting beings in the PSI planes and believing whatever they relay as indisputable truths. There is no need for alarm, however, as there are simple methods for avoiding such pitfalls of astral deception. Later, the reader will learn a simple method for avoiding astral deceptions and maintaining a balanced experience in the PSI planes. Generally, what is ideated in the PSI planes can potentially create changes and various manifestations of things upon the physical plane—within the laws of the natural sciences that govern the physical plane. All creation takes place first in the mind—via psychic mindfulness and the imagination—and consequently takes form in the PSI planes. Such ideations may then, depending upon several factors, manifest in the physical plane according to the laws of nature. 

At the level of the human spheres, these changes usually manifest in such natural ways that it may seem like chance or so-called “luck”. For example, if one were to powerfully think of obtaining a new car—this may manifest as one happening to see a news article for a position of employment which one might apply for. Having obtained the job, the necessary funds to acquire said car would become accessible. One must also be aware that there are always other psychic ideations at work vying to manifest some change or the other—apart from one’s own—that indirectly and directly affect the different planes of reality. Manifesting physical outcomes and events by creating them in the PSI planes often requires that activities on the physical plane should also be engaged in. This increases the likelihood of the psychic ideations manifesting in natural ways. Were it otherwise, everyone would have whatever they wanted instantly—but it does not work that way, in this universe, within the lower levels of the human sphere of conscious activity on this planet. This is a different matter for human beings who have advanced their psychic awareness and faculties to the higher levels of the human sphere—as well as for advanced extraterrestrials whose conscious activities and biological (or non-biological) systems are beyond the entirety of the human sphere altogether, i.e., those of the supra-human and supra-cosmic spheres. These also include human beings existing in other dimensions, or in advanced civilizations throughout the cosmos. In general, one should always create positive ideations within the imagination—as all thoughts, no matter how briefly manifested, will take on form and reality within the PSI planes. Be rid of all negative thoughts, and the affairs of one’s life will improve as positive thoughts/ideations manifest.

The PSI planes are where one will meet benevolent extraterrestrial beings using the methods taught in this work, and receive enlightened contact and communication. For these beings, traversing the PSI planes is as ordinary an affair as breathing is for humans on this planet. These benevolent beings comprise races inhabiting various planets across the cosmos, including those planets whereupon are established peaceful and utopian civilizations belonging to the Interplanetary Galactic Federation. The Interplanetary Galactic Federation consists of civilizations inhabiting this dimension, and others, among which are human civilizations far more advanced—psychically and technologically—than those upon Earth, at this time. These extraterrestrials can guide the reader to other dimensions and planetary spheres in order to see the wonders and grandeur of utopian life extant in many places. They can teach one how to develop psychically, heal one of various psychic maladies, and expand the horizon of one’s conceptualizations of reality. If enough human beings on Earth would state their desire to make physical First Contact—via interactions with compassionate extraterrestrials within the PSI planes—the matter would be seriously considered by the Interplanetary Galactic Federation in order to bring peace on Earth. 

Light and love

– Astropsionics

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