PSI is symbolically represented by the PSI symbol Ψ—the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet, and this symbol helps the human mind in connecting to it. The PSI symbol has a numerical value of 700, which when further reduced results in the number 7—considered the number of the divine in many systems of numerology and spirituality. The PSI symbol is a useful way to connect to PSI, and can be focused upon during silent meditation, or its name “PSI” used audibly as a mantra. Work with the PSI symbol, at the human sphere, enhances psychic awareness and allows one to psychically connect with other forms of consciousness within the universe. The reader may utilize the psychic training exercises taught by Astropsionics to work with the PSI symbol to enhance psychic functions—and contact benevolent forms of consciousness existing within this universe, and others—to gain wisdom, understanding, and progress to higher spheres of conscious activity.  

Light and love.

– Astropsionics

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